Here are some Sidisms and where you can find them in his book:



“We the people” are now “We the children.” 2
Unlimited Spending + Infinite Lobbyists = 40 Years of Washington 3
The fiscal can that we’re kicking down the road is going to hit a bump, come up and smack us in the head. 6
Democracy is not a spectator sport. 7
We need to make sure that our government grows up before our grandchildren do. 8
We grew up to become children. 11
Healthcare costs are controlled when the patient is the payer. 14
There is NO MONEY in the Social Security fund – period. 18
Congress made promises that we could not keep and cannot break. 19
Entitlements are the fiscal elephants sitting right in the middle of our national living room. 22
Our young people will vote ten times a week for the American Idol and never once for the American President. 24
There is not enough money on the planet to save a community without fathers. 25
The American Dream is built on a tripod of three legs: strong families, quality education and hard work.
I don’t know why it should be acting White. It should be acting White, Green, Black, Yellow, Red or Purple. In other words, it should be acting intelligently as an Adult.
para 2
There is no obvious legislative solution to a crisis in values. A school is as good as the parents of the students. 30
We are a country whose jobs are smarter than its students. There is no such thing as a first offender. 33
Communities that increase time decrease crime. 34
No policy is enforceable with sieves for borders. 37
The beauty of Assimilation is that it is self selecting. 39
Everybody in Washington puts America second. 41
We will not win the War on Terrorism without Term Limits and a Balanced Budget Amendment. 42
Poor countries are dirty countries.
Rich countries are clean countries.
The fastest way to a pristine planet is by making the world wealthy. 49
OPEC switching out of the dollar and into the Euro could be financially catastrophic. 52
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