ADULTS ONLY:  For Those who Love Their Country More than Their Party

by Sid Dinerstein, author & political analyst




Adults Only While Sid Dinerstein's book analyzes political issues of the day and offers solutions in a non-partisan way, this book comes across to me as basically about his concern for his grandchildren and our posterity. He asks the reader to think about what is best for the country now and in the future. Hopefully, it will encourage caring adults to run for office or to at least get active in supporting politicians who will act like the adults who founded this great Republic instead of like the self-centered children that is characteristic of many officeholders.

Since professional politicians generally act primarily in the interest of their own careers he suggests that term limits on political offices would encourage citizen-legislators --people who would run to do a job as a public service instead of a career. In other words, adults who take responsibility for passing on the liberty that we ourselves have inherited. He argues for a balanced budget --counting ALL of the nation's spending and off-budget tricks (an especially informative chapter). The deficit spending approved by career politicians is pushed out to past their retirement age unto the next generations.

The book covers English as our national language and why that is so important to our continued existence as a "melting pot." Dinerstein's education solutions are not just theoretical as he works at charter schools himself. He has ideas about the entitlement programs that are heading for a disastrous wall at great speed --but career politicians keep putting off solutions as they consider only the next election.

This is a little book that most will read in little more than an hour but because it is written succinctly it covers the issues and hopefully, stimulates adult-like thinking about what needs to be done. The author does not mince words -- I've read good books with five times the number of words but less content.