Sid Dinerstein

I Am Dred Scott

In 1847 I tried to buy my freedom for $300. In 1858 Chief Justice Roger Taney, a Democrat, ruled that I must remain a slave. I died the following year. In 2006, I asked the taxpayers of Florida to buy my Educational Freedom. Chief Justice Barbara J. Pariente, a Democrat, ruled that I must remain an educational hostage. I died another death.
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Red State Blues

Trouble. You wouldn’t know it. And it doesn’t make sense. But it all adds up to Trouble. Consider this: The healthiest states in the Country are all Red. The sickest are all Blue. So you have good government, low taxes, budget surpluses and, generally, sunny skies in Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Virginia, to name a few. You want dark skies? Try Blue States like California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts, for example.

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Why Blacks, GOP Don’t Party – A Rebuttal

Your column, “Why Blacks, GOP Don’t Party,” by Leonard Pitts, Jr. should not go unchallenged. Mr. Pitts suggests the reason Blacks are wed to the Democratic Party is because 1) “Democrats and the GOP essentially exchanged ideologies” on race and 2) Conservatives were never there for the Black community. Wrong and wrong again. The suggestion that there were wholesale voting changes following the Civil Rights era is patently absurd. Segregationists like Al Gore, Sr., a Democrat who voted against the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts kept his registration and his seat, ultimately bequeathing both to his son.

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Rich Socialist, Poor Socialist

This time it’s personal. My sister Florence used to be a Rich Socialist; two income six figure couple, no children, Upper West Side (of Manhattan) condominium. Being a Socialist was easy; taxis not subways, building doorman not push-in robberies, the New York Times not the Daily News.

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